Hooray! We’re Apostroph Germany now.

Bigger. Better. Blue. As a long-standing member of Apostroph Group, we are now officially called Apostroph Germany. Your advantage: thanks to technological innovations, we provide individual solutions and intelligent processes at a total of ten locations in Germany and Switzerland. Of course, we will continue to support you with compelling translations, intelligent texts and, above all, with passion.

To Apostroph Germany – The Language Intelligence Company

The annual report is finished, all the figures have been updated and all authors’ texts are ready. It’s a tome – but what else did you expect. Well done! Now what?

A German-language edition alone simply isn’t sufficient these days for anyone who’s interested – be it for professional, technical or personal reasons – to access the often laboriously prepared information. Now you need it translated into English – or maybe even multiple other languages.

What are the hurdles and pitfalls that can cause problems in this regard and how can they be avoided? Time is the all-important factor which is generally in short supply. This means the processes, project management and translation themselves have to be well structured and clear, from a single source and – this is also crucial – technically and linguistically flawless.

So what do you need for this? Trained economic translators, consistent terminology, compliance with prescribed standards, language that is target-group-appropriate, absolute correctness and – as always – resources, resources, resources. And throw in some changes to the text on short notice, just to keep things interesting. In the middle of the translation process and not before, of course. We do enjoy being kept on our toes, after all.

Consistency across all projects thanks to CAT tools

This is where we come in. We are ready to support you with a team of experienced economic translators who know what they’re doing – not only in a linguistic sense, but they’re also have a wealth of specialised expertise with regard to the respective standards (IFRS, US GAAP or even the German HGB).

We create glossaries based on your requirements and, to ensure consistent wording, make use of CAT tools and termbases which the translators can access throughout the entire process.

Our highly trained project managers coordinate all processes. Your fixed contact person allows you to access a fixed team whose size corresponds to the needs of your project – for you, this means that even the tightest of deadlines won’t keep you up at night.

Your translation in the right context

How does all this work, exactly? Before we can get started with the translation, we first have a detailed discussion of your expectations. Which standards need to be complied with? Do you already have a glossary? Which programs make sense for your requirements? Which deadlines have to be met? What is your target group? What happens if the figures have to be switched out or if entire sections of text have to be rewritten? (Spoiler: It’s not the end of the world. Together, we’ll can handle it.) And – most importantly – which languages do you need?

While you are taking care of the source document, we make sure that everything else is ready to go. Finding the perfect translator for your project, preparing the databases if necessary and making arrangements so that every aspect of the project is in line with your schedule. And because we are just as pedantic as you would expect of us, we also arrange for a second specialist translator to review the finished translation with a fresh set of eyes – thus guaranteeing seamless consistency.

Absolute consistency – not just for single projects

So that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel for any subsequent translations – next year’s annual report or consolidated financial statements, for instance – upon request, we will store your finished translation in a translation memory file. Your big advantage is that this ensures that not only the same terminology is always used, but also the style of the translation remains consistent. The resources involved in your project thus have a good idea of the direction you want to go in with your texts. Even if the translator changes over the years, you still receive the same high level of quality results.

Striking the right tone: the final step

Apropos high level of quality: consistent wording and a flawless translation are far from the end of the line. Your investors and shareholders will of course first look to the figures, but don’t underestimate the impact that the right tone of the image section can have on your target group. We exhaust all of the linguistic possibilities and turn your report into the business card of your company.

An analysis of the respective target market before beginning the translation process is a relevant part of the work we do for you: Which tone should be chosen for your target group in the target market? Which cultural aspects could influence the linguistic structure and design? We stay on top of everything for you and ensure that your annual report not only communicates the facts, but also keeps the reader and their needs in focus.

In summary: what you can expect from us

You can have us translate your annual report into any and every language you need – and we work exclusively with native speakers from the respective target country. We will make use of any already-exiting terminology. To guarantee consistency throughout the entire workflow, we use CAT tools with the corresponding termbases and translation memories.

Our two-person review principle ensures absolutely flawless results – a second qualified economic translator always reads the translation after it’s finished to make sure that nothing has slipped through the cracks. It’s important for you to know that changes to the text in the middle of the project don’t cause major problems – on the contrary: that’s when we really kick into gear. Our coordinated time management ensures that little impasses like these don’t cause any stress or worry.

In short: with us, your annual report is in the best possible hands – even in the event of tight deadlines, a multitude of languages or text changes at short notice. Let’s talk about your project – we are here any time to provide you with support.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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