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Bigger. Better. Blue. As a long-standing member of Apostroph Group, we are now officially called Apostroph Germany. Your advantage: thanks to technological innovations, we provide individual solutions and intelligent processes at a total of ten locations in Germany and Switzerland. Of course, we will continue to support you with compelling translations, intelligent texts and, above all, with passion.

To Apostroph Germany – The Language Intelligence Company

Creating technical documentation is an art in and of itself, because it needs to serve three functions:

  • Information: Users need to be informed in an easily comprehensible manner about how to use a device.
  • Image impact: Technical documentation is an integral part of your product and therefore has a significant impact on the perception of your brand.
  • Legal certainty: All of the safety-relevant information and instructions must be present to safeguard the manufacturer against legal difficulties.

If technical documentation is to be translated into multiple languages later, the requirements are significantly higher: expertise, care and precision are all the more important, because regional specificities of the different markets need to be observed.

This is a unique challenge that requires the support of experienced partners – a role which Wieners+Wieners is happy to fill for you.

We translate the following for you:

  • Handbooks
  • Instructions for use
  • Instruction and operating manuals
  • Assembly and installation guides
  • Process descriptions
  • Technical data sheets
  • Construction plans

Straight talk in 100 languages.

Regardless of which language you are looking for, we are sure to find the right words.

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Our staff: utilising technology with a view to the users

Our professional translators come with a double certification: they have university degrees in linguistics and, at the same time, are also specialists in the subject area for which they are responsible.

For product documentation, we use translators who have a high level of technical understanding and who have been trained in viewing the respective technical documentation through the eyes of the users and consumers. The result is that, in the end, both the terminology and the tone of the text are spot on. 

Our workflow: ensuring safety with experience and dedication

Due to legal requirements, many companies have to provide their technical documentation in 20 or more languages.

A well-structured and secure translation process plays a crucial role in this.

At its Bremen location, Wieners+Wieners has been dealing with multilingual technical translation projects for more than five decades. Our experienced project managers help you ensure efficient planning during the lead-up phase and then provide you with individual and personal support throughout the entire process. Working together with your technical editorial office helps keep things direct and makes coordination simpler.
The results of our work undergo a strict quality assurance process which has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Wieners+Wieners is a certified service provider for the SCHEMA ST4 editorial system

The XML-based editorial system SCHEMA ST4 enables the management of multilingual documentation. Our staff have been specially trained in processing translation files from this system – in particular when using a translation memory system.

Wieners+Wieners is a member of tekom

The European Association for Technical Communication – tekom Europe e.V. – is the largest European trade association for technical communication. tekom sees itself as a platform for the exchange of information and experience, promotes training and professional development and supports the professionalisation of its members. It acts as an advocate for increasing the importance of technical communication in the business and public sectors.

Our workflow: ensuring safety with experience and dedication

As a technology-focused translation agency, we also make use of digital technologies where possible, with the aim of optimising workflows for our customers as well as for ourselves.

For example, translation memory systems and termbases ensure that terminology that reoccurs in the entire documentation is translated consistently throughout. This not only saves time, but it also increases security.

We are able to securely process content from XML-based content management systems, and to reimport it directly into the CMS of the customer once it has been translated.

Our DTP specialists also feel at home working directly with open layout files and, in the end, provide print-optimised files for forwarding on to the printing company.

This process avoids errors during transfer and also decreases effort and thus costs.

The top three reasons for technical translations from Wieners+Wieners

  • Tradition: 50 years of experience at the Bremen location.
  • Top quality: All of our translators have a university degree in applied linguistics and have specialised in technical fields – and they are, of course, native speakers of the target language.
  • Technology: Translation memory systems, termbases and the integration of text directly in the CMS ensure certainty, consistency and time savings.

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